The Black Beauty Salon is a premier hair and beauty care destination for women in Delhi and Jaipur. It provides a variety of services performed by their highly trained and qualified staff. Several options are available for hair care, beauty treatments, and skin care alike. First originating in Delhi, the Black Beauty Salon opened a branch in Jaipur as well. They played a critical role in bringing the dry bar trend and culture to the cities. Their professional staff used state of the art facilities and equipment to ensure that you don’t just leave the Black Beauty Salon looking perfect, but also feeling refreshed, rested, and fabulous.

Black Beauty Salon for Skin Care

Black Beauty Salon provides several options for skin care. Extensive hair removal services are available that come in many variants. They offer a wide range of facials, that you can choose from in accordance with the type of skin you have. You can get an instant glow from the mini instant glow facial. A deep cleanse facial is also available for you to feel the joy of pure and clean skin, after having eliminated the toxins and impurities. For a specific condition, problem or teenage facials are also available.

Black Beauty Salon for Hair Care

The stress and pollution of city life can have lasting and permanently damaging negative impacts on the hair. Fortunately, Black Beauty Salon provides the best hair care and hair treatments available today, thus keeping your hair from harm. They have several options for you to get the perfect haircut, and the friendly and helpful staff can help you decide the perfect look you want to take away with you. Hair coloring is also available, with safe colors and equipment that will not damage your hair in any way. You can also have your hair smoothed, both in your basic straight fashion and in special styles uniquely created by the staff at the Black Beauty Salon. Hair drying is an offered service as well, so that you can make sure that your hair does not lose its volume or sheen on drying. When you have a big occasion coming up, and want to put your best foot forward, the Black Beauty Salon will give you the perfect hair style that will make you not just gorgeous, but also confident and secure in your appearance.

Black Beauty Salon for All Your Needs

The Black Beauty Salon also provides extensive facilities for taking care of your hands and feet. Many manicures and pedicures are available that can make you feel refreshed and beautiful. Touch therapy is an excellent service, with many variants of massages available. From specific parts to a full body massage, you can find any option you need. Makeup is an excellent service that is provided, and the Black Beauty Salon specializes in wedding makeup. They also do home or hotel visits for the bride, so that she can have the perfect wedding hair, skin, and makeup on her most special day.