A woman’s true beauty lies on the inside, but it is almost as if necessary to bring it out in a more crystallized manner. Grace and beauty when in the right proportion, adds the much- needed dash of confidence to a woman’s demeanor. We, at Desi U, are determined to make sure that this need of a woman is catered to in full capacity. As a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke kurtis, we bring out collections to suit every age group of women and girls.

The house brings you a huge array of handpicked designs of kurtis suitable for every occasion that might concern your daily lifestyle. The best part? affordable prices with zero compromise on quality and all of it at your very doorstep. We strongly believe in the policy of value for money, and hence our products will be available at their best possible prices.

So wait no longer! Start styling yourself with Desi U and make them ladies jealous when THEY SEE YOU!

Owner profile

Shradha and sanchit, a dynamic brother-sister duo came up with this promising venture after tasting success in their different career fields.

Sanchit was already into his family business of Automobiles when he realized his quest to set up a business of his own. Now he takes care of the entire manufacturing process of kurtis and bulk/retail selling at Desi U.

Shradha used to work as an HR professional earlier, but she never got over her dream of being an entrepreneur. Hence, she decided to quit her job and founded Desi U. She manages the designing and online sales of products along with social media marketing at the company.

It is wonderful how they were courageous enough to have started this venture on their own even after having successful careers on their play cards.

Why choose us?

We at Desi U understand the importance of traditional indulgence calling for modern manifestation of women. We know how soul – satisfying it is to be true to your culture but at the same time be powerful and contemporary as you are. Therefore, our designs bring out the perfect combo of traditional and modern. The kurtis offered by us are in a varied range of mesmerizing prints, beautiful colors, exquisite embroidery and bespoke patterns all at affordable prices. We put our customer first and make sure that all their desires are catered to. The clothes are available to befit all sizes, and so please do not hesitate ever while ordering even if you feel that you are heavier than an average woman. Customers have the option of ordering in bulk as well. Products will be delivered across India. We promise that the overall buying experience would be extremely convenient and trustworthy. So think no more and begin this journey of confidence with the house of Desi U.